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Jizera Mountains

Walking trip from Kořenov through the Jizera valley to Bukovec, over the hill to the Soušská dam and through Nyčovy domky back.
Course of the route: Kořenov * Mořina * Souš * Horní Polubný * Kořenov Route description: From the train station from Horní Kořenov, follow the yellow sign to the Jizera valley, which we continue along the red sign to Mořina. To the Soušská dam we descend along the blue sign to the Na Souši guest house. We return to Kořenov via Horní Polubný following the green sign. Kořenov The village was established in 1960 by merging the villages of Polubný, Příchovice (also with the settlement of Rejdice) and Jizerka. A major winter resort with seven ski areas. Cog railway with the steepest railway ascent in the Czech Republic (up to 58 per mille) and the longest single-track railway tunnel in the Czech Republic (940 m) and a nice viaduct over the river Jizera. Jizera Border stream with Poland springing on the highest peak of the Jizera Mountains Smrk. Bukovec Nature reserve with an area of ​​57 ha declared on a dominant volcanic hill. An educational trail passes through the locality, from the top at an altitude of 1005 m there is a nice view of the peaks of the Giant Mountains in good weather. Below Bukovec at the confluence of the Jizera and Jizerka rivers is a pedestrian crossing to Poland. Soušská dam The valley reservoir on Černá Nisa from 1912 - 15, was originally used for recreation, but has been used as a drinking water reservoir since the mid-1970s. Part of the water from Bílá Nisa is supplied through the underground canal. Horní Polubný The village from the turn of the 17th and 18th century, the church of St. John the Baptist from the end of the 18th century, protected ash, age about 300 years, at no. 34 and maple, 360 years old, at the Sport Hotel.


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Soušská přehrada
Soušská přehrada
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