Vranov rocky ridge

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Bohemian Paradise

Malá Skála, 468 22

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The sharp crest of cenomanian sandstone was uplifted and straightened out by immense natural forces toward the end of the Tertiary.

The geomorphologically important massif of the Vranovský Hřeben is located to the west from Malá Skála. The ridge is considered one of the most attractive parts of Český Ráj. The lookout point on the steep rock extension above the Jizera River offers a spectacular view of the valley of the Jizera and the opposite ridge of the Suché Skály from the height of 55 metres. The steep ridge is known for the remnants of the Vranov Castle- Pantheon.

Vranovský ridge

Massive rock ridge called Maloskalský was formed by tectonic movement of crust on Lužická fracture in Tertiary period. During the alpine folding, the horizontal layers of sandstone from Cretaceous sea were lifted into sloping, upright, sometimes over-tilted surfaces. The Cenomanian caolinite and limonite sandstones were exposed. The sandstones contain fossil fauna of former Cretaceous sea where it was formed.

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