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Mácha Region

Mšeno, 277 35

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The rock formation called Pokličky - Pot Lids is situated 5 km to the west of Mšeno and is incorporated in the PLA Kokořínský Důl.

The formation called Pokličky i.e. hoods, is connected with erosion and with the hardness of the materials affected: hence, the upper part of the "hoods" consists of sand-iron sediments while the bottom part is formed of sand-clay materials. Formations that resemble hoods or lids are found near Vojtěchov as well (the Jestřebické Pokličky i.e. the hoods of Jestřebice).

Access: use the blue tourist trail marked from Mšeno; the trail continues to Jestřebice and Vidim.

Pokličky, author: Jan Pasler
Pokličky, author: Jan Pasler
Pokličky, author: Jan Pasler
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