Borecké Skály

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Bohemian Paradise

Borecké skály
Rovensko pod Troskami, 512 63
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The rock group is characterised by unusual structured walls and abundant overhangs and rock windows.

The Borecké Skály Rocks were declared a natural monument in 1985. The small sandstone rock formation is situated on the top of Bor (360 metres above sea level) that is covered with pine forests. The lookout point named after Svatopluk Čech offers a wonderful view of Trosky Castle.

Locality: 1 km to the west from Rovensko pod Troskami.

Borecké rocks

Protected natural site Borecké rocks is placed near village Borek. The rock city is a popular alternative to overcrowded Hrubá skála town and Prachovské rocks, and it includes a marked tourist route. Quartz sandstone of Teplice region formation of Czech Cretaceous basin at Borek is a nice example of tectonic formed cuesta with surface inclined to the south west. It is the only rock town with passing permanent water stream.

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