Mužský Hill

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Bohemian Paradise

Mužský, 295 01

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On the top of the basalt mound, located in the western part of the uplands named Vyskeřská Vrchovina, you can come across a memorial built in memory of the battle of 1866.

The mountain offers fabulous views of the Krkonoše, the Jizerské Hory, the region of Hruboskalsko, the Lužické Hory, Mount Ještěd and many villages in the surroundings. The northern side is known for the popular Drábské Světničky and the sandstone rocks and canyons.

Access: on foot, along a tourist trail from Březina nad Jizerou. By car, you can go to the car park at the Příhrazy Hotel or at the Krásná Vyhlídka restaurant.

Locality: 5 km to the northeast from Mnichovo Hradiště, 2 km to the east from Příhrazy.

hill Mužský

The entry route of tertiary basalt volcanism exposed due to selective erosions from the adjacent cretaceous sediments is located on hill Mužský. The outcrops on the Mužský hill periphery are formed by grainy, light to medium lithified, light kaolinite sandstones of Hruboskalský block (Teplice region formation of Czech Cretaceous). The residues of pyroclastic rocks are present in the edge of a small quarry on the hill west side, and on the sides of the main quarry on the southern slope. Strong cracking of compact basalt followed by the query activity formed underground area.

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