Bukovec Mountain

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Jizera Mountains

Osada Jizerka, 468 49

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Bukovec is one of the highest basalt mounds in Central Europe.

The mountain rises above the village of Jizerka, at the eastern end of the Jizerské Hory. The lookout platform built above the former quarry offers fabulous views of the Jizerské Hory, the Czech and Polish parts of the Krkonoše, and towards Mount Smrk and the village of Jizerka. The upper parts of Bukovec are extremely valuable and were declared a national nature preserve. There is an educational trail. The basalt created rich soil, the habitat of selected and extremely rare vegetation that is not present anywhere else in the Jizerské Hory; there is a wonderful beech forest as well. The name Bukovec (i.e. Beech Mountain) is derived from the original beech stand: however, in the past a big part of it was cut out. At the northern and eastern slopes you may come across examples of rare mixed and coniferous forest stands.

The top is accessible only on foot - there are marked (educational) trails from Kořenov, Dolní Polubný and Jizerka.

Locality: 1 km to the southeast from the village of Jizerka, 7 km to the northest from Desná, 9 km to the northeast from Tanvald.

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