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Jizera Mountains

Černousy 72
Černousy, 463 73

Phone:+420 482 345 065
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Černousy is located in Frýdlantský výběžek, in the very north of the Czech Republic. This ancient Lusatian settlement was known already in the 13th century.

In 1963 Ves was attached to Černousy. Ves is the northernmost settlement of the District of Liberec. With its elevation of 209m, it ranks among the places located at the lowest elevation in the region.

Thanks to picturesque landscape, the environs of Černousy as well as all of Frýdlantský výběžek offer good conditions for hiking and cycle touring. Frýdlant Castle ranks among the most interesting historical monuments in the region; the nearby Jizerské hory are known for their beautiful nature.

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