Horní Police

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Mácha Region

Horní Police, 471 06

Phone:+420 487 861 337
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Horní Police is located north-west of Česká Lípa, not far from Žandov, on the road from Česká Lípa to Děčín.

The village extends on both banks of the Ploučnice at the average elevation of 500m. The village consists of Horní Police and Podlesí. It used to be called Mariánská Police in the past.

The characteristic feature of the region is its varied landscape. Ploučnice forms a deep and broad valley. Strážný (601m) and Dvorský (527m) rise up from the surrounding countryside.

The village and its environs offer lots of interesting places and monuments.

Horní Police
Horní Police
Horní Police
Horní Police
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