Hamr na Jezeře

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Lusatian Mountains

Hamr na Jezeře, 471 28

Phone:+420 487 851 822
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Hamr na Jezeře is a holiday resort located near Stráž pod Ralskem. It lies in undulating countryside with pine woods at Hamerský potok, supplying water to large ponds, in particular Hamerský rybník, Horecký rybník and Sedlšťský rybník. In the past the ponds also ensured the operation of former hammer-mills.

Hamr na jezeře is surrounded by several hills - Hamerský špičák with Děvín Castle, Mlýnský vrch and Chrástenský vrch. The highest point of the area is Ralsko with a ruin of an old castle. At the end of the 19th century Hamr became a popular holiday resort. Various holiday houses and villas were built there and the small town acquired the look of a spa. Further development of the small town started after 1989. Nowadays Hamr na Jezeře is a popular resort for an active family holiday. There are good conditions for various sports, hiking and cycle touring in the surroundings.

Hamr na Jezeře, author: Pavel Charousek
Hamr na Jezeře, author: Jan Čelikovský
Hamr na Jezeře, author: Míra Chmela
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