The Parish Church of St. Fabian and Sebastian, Zákupy

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Mácha Region

Mimoňská 228
Zákupy, 471 23

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The Parish Church of St. Fabian and Sebastian is a Late Gothic building dating from 1550-1562. In 1863 it was reconstructed in the Pseudo-Gothic style.

Tombstones and epitaphs from the Renaissance period to the 19th century are set along both outer sides of the temple building. 23 members of the Berka z Dubé family are buried in the tomb in front of the main altar. There is also the grave of Anna Marie Frances the Duchess of Tuscany and her husband.

Currently, services are regularly held here on Sundays at 8:30 am. Occasionally, concerts are also organised in the church (e.g., at Christmas).

Farní kostel sv. Fabiána a Šebestiána, Zákupy, author: Milan Drahoňovský

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