Psinice Water Mill

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Psinice 48
Libáň, 507 23

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This mill on the outskirts of the village of Psinice was part of the system of former mills in the municipalities of Zliv, Psinice, Křešice and Bučice.

The oldest written reference of Psinice Mill dates back to 1804 when Jiří Šmejda sold the mill to Josef and Josefa Šmejda. In 1874, Václav Kozák bought the mill and his descendants owned it until the 20th century.
The building is built from sandstone blocks and the rest of the structure is made of logs. The drive flows around the former Letkovec Pond that was dried out in the second half of the 19th century. The mill has survived relatively unchanged. In the early 20th century, the mill was modernized and most of the equipment has been preserved. The last owner, František Kozák, was not interested in further modernization and therefore, the mills ceased to be used in the 1930s. The water wheel was removed in the 1950s, but its shell and shaft remain.
The current owner of the mill has been repairing the mill and restoring the original equipment. In the future, the mill is supposed to again serve its original purpose and re-open to the public.

Vodní mlýn v Psinicích

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Vodní mlýn v Psinicích - náhon
Vodní mlýn v Psinicích - náhon
Vodní mlýn v Psinicích - vybavení
Vodní mlýn v Psinicích - vybavení
Vodní mlýn v Psinicích - vybavení
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