The Železný Brod Small Hydroelectric Power Plant

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Bohemian Paradise

Železný Brod 890
Železný Brod, 468 22

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This new small hydroelectric power plant was built to complement the historic factory buildings without disturbing the beauty of the slopes along the Jizera River.

The building permit for the construction of a weir, drive and the original power plant was issued in 1861 to factory owner Johann Liebieg during the construction of a spinning mill that is no longer in operation today. In 1896, the spinning mill was expanded and a new engine room was built and four new turbines were installed. At that time, the turbines propelled the factory’s machines.
The current new building of the power plant engine room is located on the site of a restored original drive that was covered in the 1960s and slowly became an unofficial waste dump. Today, the power station itself is about 650 metres further than the original power plant was.
The architect of the new power plant was Ing. Arch. Boris Šonský and the structure has won several awards such as the Building of the Year 2010 and the Czech Energy and Environmentally Friendly Structure of 2010.


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