The Rovensko pod Troskami area

The area is the region’s geographic centre. In its middle are the ruins of Trosky castle, looming over two unique lava cones. Trosky is also a symbol of the entire region, surrounded by vast cuboidal sandstone plates, shaped by erosion into romantic rock formations and canyon valleys.

This area also includes the Podtrosecká údolí (valley) Nature Reserve with a set of ponds, wetlands and wet meadows along the Žehrovka river and Želejovský potok brook. The dominant feature of the northern part is the watch hill of Český ráj (Bohemian Paradise), Kozákov, famous for its precious stone deposits that also gave the hill its name. It is said that if a shepherd throws a stone at a goat (in Czech “koza”), the stone is worth more than the entire herd. The centre of the area is Rovensko pod Troskami with its famous belfry housing “rebelling” upside down bells. Southwest hillsides above the town have been successfully used as orchards.

Městské informační středisko Rovensko pod Troskami / The Rovensko pod Troskami Information Centre
Komenského 107512 63 Rovensko pod Troskami
tel.: +420 481 381 050

Map of area