Ski-jumping establishment in Lomnice nad Popelkou

To get to the ski resort we will start off from Lomnice nad Popelkou. In this small place survived a lot of the small cottages, and in a suburb called Karlov the sanctuary for the relics of folk architecture was established, this area is under protection. The charm of the town can be discovered walking its other streets too.

Length of routh: 8,5 km

At western side of Karlovské náměstí (square) we will walk down the Josef Kábrt street on the right and we will get to the blue trail. We will walk on the blue trail to the left and then on the green trail and we will get to the ski resort. After visiting the view point on the ski-jumping structure, we will walk further on the green trail to the view point Smetanova vyhlídka. From here on the red trail through Rváčov to Skuhrov and on the blue trail back to Lomnice. Here we can see for example a local cemetery with the wooden bell tower from the 17th century, Town Museum, and Art Gallery. On a hot summer day we can use the swimming pool, and if we come here in winter we can use local cross-country skiing trails and ski lifts.