Kozákov is the highest peak of the Bohemian Paradise, on the outskirts of the region in the place where it is neighbouring with the Jizerské mountains. It is true we will find the point which is higher by 100 metres, but the symbol of the whole region is Kozákov, among other things because on its slopes we will find sandstone rocks which are typical to the Bohemian Paradise. The highest point on which is located the lookout tower and a tourist lodge Riegrova chata was not originally the highest point of the summit, but the volcanic channel located about 2 km in the north-west direction. From the end of its volcanic activity, it means 4,5 mln. years ago, the mountain height increased by about 300 metres. It is now 744 m above sea level.

Length of routh: 3 km

All the trails leading here go up often sharply. Going down on the blue trail towards Radostná studánka, early on we will see volcanic rocks. Lava was mainly flowing in the northern direction where is deposited as a thick layer which is being mined at present. Radostná studánka is a creek with a wayside shrine from 1841, it was serving for the tourist shelter on the top of Kozákov, and today provides water to the dwellers of surrounding villages. Below it, we will go to the right on a forest path going through flat terrain till we find ourselves on the red trail to get to Drábovna. After getting on slightly leaning sandstone rock we will find ourselves in a place which used to be the view point. Just below us we can see Mĕsíční údolí (Moon Valley) rocks and further down the Ještěd ridge. Drábovna is the highest point of the sandstone rock with the chiseled in it caves. From here, we will go on the trail uphill and further on the right until we get back to Kozákov.