If a part of the scenery has to be the telecommunication towers hopefully they serve tourists too. Dubecko is located on slightly tilted sandstone. From the sandstone formation Klokočske skály separates it Stebénka Valley, and in a small town Rovensko pod Troskami, river Veselka flows through it. Near Dubecko in the forest we will see few smaller sandstone rocks. In one of those rocks was chiseled out not long ago the wayside shrine devoted to Saint Eustache. The lookout tower is a steel mast with winding spiral of steps.

Length of routh: 11,8 km

Dubecko is near the blue tourist trail leading from the health resort Sedmihorky to Kozákov. When we decide to go on this trail it will be a good idea to link visits to the tower in Klokočské skály, with the one to Rotštejn Castle. From the wayside shrine in Dubecko village we will go down the local road into the valley of the brook Stebénka, then we will get to the main road which we follow to the right. We will find ourselves at the crossroad where we can have something to eat. From here we will take the yellow trail towards Rotštejn Castle, and further down to the gully named Klokočské průchody. From here on the yellow trail through Postojná cave to Bukovina, at the place where next to the lime tree the trail is turning left and then sharply down the hill, we will still be holding on to the road. At the crossroad we will turn right and go up the hill, and after walking for half a kilometre we will be coming to the red trail along which we will go through Betlémské skály back to Klokočské Průchody. Through the canyon among the rocks we will come down using the steps to a village Klokočí, and using the red trail we will go further up to the crossroads upon Vesec. From here we can return on the blue trail to Rotštejn.