From Jičín to Tábor and Lomnice nad Popelkou

This trail will take you first from Jičín to the local Milohlídka lookout tower and then to two lookout towers in the surroundings of Lomnice nad Popelkou: to Tábor and to an untraditional lookout tower which forms a part of a ski-jump bridge.

Before you get on your bike and leave Jičín, you should have a look around you to know what awaits you. It is definitely worth visiting the Valdice gate in the historical centre and to take a look at the town and its surroundings from the bird´s eye view from its gallery at the height of 32 m. The highest point of the landscape is the Tábor hill which you can identify due to its lookout and transmission towers. This is your main goal.

However, you will first set off for the nearby lookout tower called Milohlídka. The blue marked tourist trail will lead you from the centre close to the tower. The trail passes a quarry from which park roads lead to the flat peak of the Čeřovka. Unfortunately the stone octagonal tower is almost lost among the trees which significantly restrict the views from it. Yet it has one primacy: it is the oldest lookout tower in the Bohemian Paradise as you will learn from the inscription above the entrance.

Return from Čeřovka to the town up to the place where a red marked tourist trail branches off from the blue trail. It leads along the road to Valdice and continues to Tábor. You can choose if you want to bike along the road or the historical lime tree alley. On your left you will pass the Zebín hill with an ancient chapel on its top. In Valdice, you can notice the former Carthusian monastery (on the right hand side of the road) which houses an infamous and dreaded prison. Continue along the road to the Železnice village. Turn left here and you will leave the main road for a long time. First head for the Zámezí village along a district and so far almost flat road. Here a gentle ascent to the Cidlina village begins. Keep going on to the north which means uphill. Soon you will pass under a railway line (connecting Stará Paka with Libuň) and then a long and steep ascent starts which ends only in the Košov village. There is a crossroads of several tourist trails here, one of which leads to Tábor and another one to the Cidlina spring. Leave Tábor for some later time because your nearest goal now is the Lomnice nad Popelkou town to which you will go easily downhill. You have biked 15 kilometres and thus have the right to relax. In the town, do not forget to visit the very well appointed Information Centre which is located in the Museum building on the main square. You will obtain here detailed maps of the surroundings and if you are a souvenir collector you can buy them here since they might be impossible to get anywhere else.

Your next goal is the V Popelkách skiing premises. Both a small road and a blue marked tourist trail lead to it and a green marked trail branches off from the blue one later on. The premises which are located about 2 km from the town are also well signposted. There are three ski-jump bridges in the premises, the biggest of which (K70) offers an untraditional lookout platform. To get to it, you must first ascend 235 stairs along the landing pit and then another 91 stairs leading to the tower. Now you are in the place from which the ski-jumpers begin their jumps. They have at their disposal 12 inrun windows in total. Above the last one, a circular lookout platform is located from which you can admire both the surrounding landscape and the courage of the sportsmen.

After you return to Lomnice, you will set off for the highest point of your trip, for the Tábor hill. The biking trail No. 4171 leads to it from the town. You must cope with the elevation of 200 m on the three kilometres of ascent. On the top you can refresh yourself in the restaurant of the boarding house and then an ascent to the Tichánkova lookout tower awaits you. 145 stairs lead to the lookout gallery at the height of 26 m. If you are lucky, you can see not only the Bohemian Paradise, Ještěd or the Krkonoše Mountains but also the Orlické Mountains.

The way back to Jičín will be much easier. If you are in a hurry or want to enjoy the descent on a good surface, you will go from Tábor to Ploužnice and from there you will bike along the main road to the final destination of your trip. However, there is one alternative. In the Chlum village, 1 km below the top, turn right to the biking trail No. 4278. It is a forest road which will lead you in a rather steep descent to the Kyje railway station. Here you can turn to the yellow marked tourist trail which will lead you after almost a kilometre to the place where the formerly spectacular but today dilapidated and forgotten Allain´s tower is hidden in the forest. It is located only a few dozen metres from the crossroads of the yellow and blue trails. Not far from it there is also a well-maintained water source. Return back from the tower to the railway station. The biking trail turns left in the Kyje village and heads for the Bradlec village on the main road. Through Železnice and Valdice you will bike along it back to Jičín.