The Hruboskalsko is one of the best-known rock formations. It is characterised by impressive towers reaching up to 55 m and also by steep canyons. 

Bozkovské Dolomite CavesBozkovské Dolomite Caves

The dolomite caves with the largest underground lake in Bohemia.

Prachovské skály (rocks)Prachovské skály (rocks)

The Prachovské Skály nature preserve is one of the most popular regions in the Czech Republic. It is one of the oldest nature preserves in the country. 


On the path of the Baroque

Mnichovo Hradiště - divadlo

Although Cesky raj is extraordinarily rich in architectural monuments of the most varied styles and time periods, the most noted era is the Baroque with costly building enterprises by the nobility and also dozens of churches and chapels built in the period of re-Catholicisation. Also preserved are abundant testaments to urban architecture from the 18th century as well as folk construction. The open landscape and also village greens are embellished with chapels, Calvaries and statues by folk stonemasons.


Church of St. Francis of Assisi on the square belongs to the Franciscan monastery. It was built by Maximilian of Valdstejn in the years 1651-1657 and was rebuilt after a fire in the city in 1707 (by N. Raimundi), after another fire in 1803, it took on an Empire form. Baroque furnishings with paintings by J. J. Hertl have been preserved in the interiors. We also find here the originally Gothic Church of St. Nicholas rebuilt Baroque in 1722. A unique representative of urban architecture is dum U zlateho bazanta (the House at the Golden Pheasant - today a museum).

Regular tours of the Turnov churches are arranged from June to September by the Municipal information centre Turnov
Tel.: 481 366 255 fax.: 481 366 256, e-mail: info@turnov.cz, www.turnov.cz

Mnichovo Hradiste

This centre of a once extensive estate is proud of its chateau, the residence of the Counts of Valdstejn (M. Canevalle, N. Raimundi 1711-1735) with a park and grotto hall. Adjacent to the park is the Capuchin monastery with the Church of Three Kings and the Chapel of St. Anne (1724, in which is the tomb of Albrecht of Valdstejn) with valuable statues by the Jelineks of Kosmonosy and paintings by J. J. Hertl. Today it is a lapidarium of Baroque statuary. Hitherto several preserved Baroque houses have stood on the square.

Zamek Mnichovo Hradiste (chateau)
tel.: 326 773 098, e-mail: mhradiste@spusc.cz, www.spusc.cz
Entry to the Church of St. James outside of divine services is only by advanced reservation for organised groups.

Rimskokatolicka cirkev, dekansky urad (Roman Catholic Church, deacon's office)
1. maje 232, 295 01 Mnichovo Hradiste, tel.: 326 772 814


We pass through Osek, with its typical half-timbered bell tower, and come to Sobotka, a typical small town with preserved historical core. The square is decorated with a Marian statue (M. Jelínek 1742) and houses from the 18th and 19th centuries. In the later Gothic Church of St. Mary Magdalene we can see valuable high Baroque furnishings, exceptional for its unique origin from the sculptural studio of the Jelíneks from Kosmonosy. In the years 1667-1681 above the city, the Cernin family built the hunting lodge Humprecht, after a design by Carl Lurago.

Chateau Humprecht, tel.: 493 571 583, 493 571 556, e-mail: humprecht@raz-dva.cz


Church of the Raising of the Holy Cross built in 1772-97 (F. Heger, I. Palliardi) is the most significant later Baroque building in the region. Rococo furnishings (M. Jelínek) were added in the 19th century. The vicinity of the church is decorated with statues of saints and a Baroque parsonage. Velis hill is visible from a distance and points us to the village of the same name with the Church of St. Wenceslaus


The series of Baroque houses on the square is dominated by the Vald?tejn chateau, an extensive early Baroque complex with three arcaded courtyards (A. Spezza, G. Pieroni, N. Sebregondi). Located in the vicinity is the Church of St. James the Elder, conceived as a cathedral of the bishopric in Valdstejn's residential city. After the duke's death, the project was abandoned. Worth noting are paintings by I. Raab and J. Kramolin. Preserved from the same era is the cemetery Church of the Blessed Virgin de Sale (perhaps by Andrea Spezza 1629). At the end of a linden tree avenue to Valdice, we come to a park with loggia and fair courtyards called Libosad (N. Sebregondi 1630-34). The road originally continued to the Cartesian monastery (today a prison).

The Church of St. James the Elder, daily except Saturdays and Sundays
Arcidekansky urad Jicin (Archdeacon Office of Jicin), tel.: 493 532 701

Regionalni muzeum a galerie Jicin (Regional Museum and Gallery of Jicin)
tel.: 493 532 204, muzeumhry@centrum.cz, www.mujicin.cz

Valdstejnska loggia
tours only for organised, pre-arranged groups
tel.: 737 439 657 Mrs. Vackova

Mestsky urad Jicin (Municipality of Jicin)
Eva Zatloukalova, tel.: 493 545 170

Lomnice nad Popelkou

Near the square with characteristic urban buildings and Baroque Marian statuary (1713) stands the unobtrusive Church of St. Nicholas from 1782. Located in the interior are original furnishings (J. Hajek). Built above the city is the pilgrimage Church of the Transformation of the Lord. Entry to the churches of St. Nicholas and the Transformation of the Lord outside of divine services is only for pre-arranged, organised groups.

Farní úřad Lomnice nad Popelkou (Parish Office for Lomnice nad Popelkou), tel.: 481 671 347


After Stara Boleslav, the Bozkov Church of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin is the most significant pilgrimage site of the entire Pojizeri. This early Baroque building from the years 1690-93 has valuable furnishings from the middle of the 18th century and fresco decoration. Along the perimeter of the church are statues of the saints from the 18th and the 19th centuries. A museum of religious objects and an observation point have been organised in the spire.

Farní úřad Bozkov (Bozkov Parish Office)
tel.: 481 682 156, off-season tour reservations possible

Zelezny Brod

In Zelezny Brod we concentrate on the "maly rynek" ("small market") with urban building from the turn of the 18th and 19th centuries. Ascending from here is a decorated stairway to the Church of St. James the Elder (1762) with a wooden spire. From the main square with a Baroque Marian statue, we see the small Church of St. John "in the Desert" (1769) above the town, with the tomb of the Count Des Fours. On the road to Turnov we pass Baroque inspired folk architecture of Bouckuv statek (farmstead) in Mala Skala and Dlaskuv statek (farmstead) in Dolanky.

Entry to the Church of St. James the Elder and to the wooden spire outside of divine services is only by pre-arranged, organised groups. Dekansky urad Zelezny Brod (Deacon's Office of Zelezny Brod), tel.: 483 389 223

Bouckuv statek, tel.: 483 392 045
Dlaskuv statek, tel.: 483 322 106, 483 322 954

Bonus tip: Valdstejn and Hruba Skala

The harmony of art and nature
From Turnov we travel in the direction of Jicin. We move along the left side of the reconstructed Baroque courtyard of Valdstynsko. We turn to the right, to the Hruba Skala chateau, compellingly positioned above the steep rock wall. Of its Baroque form only a stone bridge remains, with statues of St. Florian and St. Lawrence. We continue on foot, along the Aehrenthal arboretum and in 3 km, we reach Valdstejn castle.

In the Medieval ruins, the Valdstejns built the Baroque Chapel of St. Jan Nepomuk in the years 1722-28. We reach it through an arched bridge set with Baroque statues of the saints from the workshop of the Jelineks of Kosmonosy. A painting of St. John the Baptist in the small chapel in the first courtyard is reputedly a portrait by K. H. Macha. After returning to Hruba Skala, we travel to Vysker, where we find a characteristic wooden bell tower (1750) in compelling contrast to the pompous neo-Romanesque Church of the Blessed Virgin and above the city an eight-sided pilgrimage chapel from the beginning of the 19th century with a Calvary. Through Kacanov we return to Turnov.

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