The Hruboskalsko is one of the best-known rock formations. It is characterised by impressive towers reaching up to 55 m and also by steep canyons. 

Prachovské skály (rocks)Prachovské skály (rocks)

The Prachovské Skály nature preserve is one of the most popular regions in the Czech Republic. It is one of the oldest nature preserves in the country. 

Bozkovské Dolomite CavesBozkovské Dolomite Caves

The dolomite caves with the largest underground lake in Bohemia.


From Turnov to Frýdštejn and Kopanina

This trail will take you to Kopanina with a lookout tower on the border of the Bohemian Paradise and the Jizerské Mountains. On the way, you will visit the Frýdštejn castle ruin and the Jizera summer resort Malá Skála.

  • Length: 32 km
  • Elevation: Turnov – 260 m, Kopanina – 657 m

Start from the Náměstí Českého Ráje square in Turnov along a biking trail No. 4006, in the direction to Malá Skála. After approximately one kilometre of biking the trail No. 3051 branches off from it and will first lead you across the Malá Jizera watercourse and then across the Jizera River stream itself. You will reach the Dlask farm, a beautifully preserved rural farm which now houses a museum. The trail No. 3051 then passes under the railway and a road and starts to ascend slowly, first among houses and then through a forest. After 4 km you will reach the Ondříkovice village and after another kilometre Voděrady. Turn right at the beginning of the village to a little road along which a tourist trail marked in blue leads too. It will take you to the Frýdštejn castle ruin. It is definitely worth visiting both for the monument itself and for the breathtaking views from the reconstructed main tower.

From the castle, return back to the road and go to the Frýdštějn village. Turn right at the crossroads and a three-kilometre long ascend awaits you here in several serpentines. At the top of the ascent there is located a pleasant Myslivecká restaurant where you can refresh yourself and, possibly, obtain the keys to the lookout tower should it not be open. A trail marked in blue (200 m) leads to the lookout tower itself. The brick tower dates back to 1894 and is one of the oldest lookout towers constructed by the Club of Czech Tourists. From its glassed lookout platform, there is a beautiful panoramic view of the Bohemian Paradise, Kozákov, Ještěd, Jizerské Mountains and Krkonoše Mountains.

From the Myslivecká restaurant, continue along the same road which now descends in the direction to Jablonec nad Nisou. After 1.5 km turn right to the road leading to Malá Skála. A pleasant 5 km long descent through the Mukařov and Sněhov villages awaits you here. The little town of Malá Skála offers a whole range of relaxation, from refreshment in several restaurants through adrenaline high rope centre to a peaceful sitting at the whispering weir on the Jizera River. If you want to see the river from the bird´s eye view, walk uphill along the red marked trail to the rock lookout point below the Pantheon. If you have more time, do visit the Pantheon itself - the rock castle with a chapel and an interesting labyrinth of passages hewn in the rocks.

From the crossroads of tourist trails, located near the railway station, start again along the biking trail No. 4170 in the direction to Rakousy. The little road first goes across the rails and then uphill in the slope above the railway. The Jizera River below you forms two sharp bends which the railway shortens with a tunnel and a bridge across the river. It is exactly in this place above the tunnel that the biking trails branch out. Take the one that goes back to Turnov (trail No. 4006). Bike down the trail to the river and continue along the Jizera to the Rohliny hamlet. Here a tourist trail, suitable for bikes too, turns off the road. It leads the whole way along the river, passes a renowned tourist and water sportsmen´s pub called Zrcadlová koza (Mirror Goat) and with only a little effort will take you back to the starting point of your journey, to Turnov.

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