Bozkovské Dolomite CavesBozkovské Dolomite Caves

The dolomite caves with the largest underground lake in Bohemia.

Prachovské skály (rocks)Prachovské skály (rocks)

The Prachovské Skály nature preserve is one of the most popular regions in the Czech Republic. It is one of the oldest nature preserves in the country. 


The Hruboskalsko is one of the best-known rock formations. It is characterised by impressive towers reaching up to 55 m and also by steep canyons. 


Špindlerův Mlýn

Giant Mountains

Špindlerův mlýn, 543 51

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Špindlerův Mlýn lies in the North-east Bohemia near the border with Poland. It belongs to the most popular skiing centres in the Czech republic.

The town lies in the Giant Mountain National Park and extend in an area of 77 square kilometres and has got 4 parts - Přední Labská, Labská, Bedřichov and Svatý Petr.

This original mining and wood cutting settlement started to be called Špindlerův Mlýn at the end of the 18th century after a mill of a Špindl clan built on the river Labe. From the end of the 18th century and mainly from the 19th century, the people started to build more. Many hotels and restaurants were built between the 1st and 2nd world war and after the year 1945. The symbol of Špindlerův Mlýn is a white bridge built in 1911 and is situated directly in the town centre. Above the town centre you can also find a St. Peter and Paul's church built in the 1802.

Špindlerův Mlýn is an ideal place for tourists, who can use plenty of tourist and cyclic routes. The most favourite skiing ranges are Svatý Petr and Medvědín. Both of them have got good snow conditions not just for professional skiers but for beginners too. In both of them are snowboard parks. Špindlerův Mlýn is also available to cross-country lovers. There is also plenty of other sport activities - bobsleigh track, sledge slide, snow-tubing, horse riding, horse carriages, fishing, playing tennis, squash, bowling and also swimming, use of sauna, fitness, sun beds, massages, paragliding, rafting and other mountain activities.

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