Bozkovské Dolomite CavesBozkovské Dolomite Caves

The dolomite caves with the largest underground lake in Bohemia.

Prachovské skály (rocks)Prachovské skály (rocks)

The Prachovské Skály nature preserve is one of the most popular regions in the Czech Republic. It is one of the oldest nature preserves in the country. 


The Hruboskalsko is one of the best-known rock formations. It is characterised by impressive towers reaching up to 55 m and also by steep canyons. 


Around Humprecht and Kost Castles

Bohemian Paradise

This moderate trip (red level of difficulty) will take you to the Sobotka area, the Humprecht hunting chateau and Kost, the best preserved castle in Bohemia.


The parking lot below Humprecht – yellow marked trail 1.5 km, The Ort Hotel – road 1 km Libošovice – red marked trail 1.5 km Prokopské údolí Valley (a part of the journey outside the marked trail on a field road) – 0.5 km Kost Castle – yellow marked trail 1.8 km Plakánek, yellow marked trail 5.5 km Sobotka.

Length: 12 km

Trail difficulty for a mechanical wheelchair: moderate, requires assistance

Trail difficulty for an electric wheelchair: not suitable

Suitable for baby strollers: YES

Recommended in dry weather!



The parking lot does not have reserved handicapped parking places and the surface is rocky. From the parking lot, take the yellow marked trail towards Kost Castle, along a path lined with trees. The surface past the parking lot is made of gravel. After 100 m from the parking lot, you will reach a moderate descent along a grassy surface that will take you to a footbridge crossing over a brook. The path continues along a boardwalk with planks missing in places, which creates 20 cm gaps that can be overcome on rear wheels (photo No. 1). Next on the path is a 1 m wide and 15 cm deep catch drain that can be easily crossed.

Continue up a moderate hill (200 m) on a grassy path that will take you to the Ort Hotel in the village of Nepřívěc. There are two 10 cm high stairs at the entrance; the door is 70 cm wide and the door to the restrooms is 80 cm and opens inward. The partition door is 60 cm wide and opens outward; there is 80 cm of clearance in front of the toilet and 20 cm on each side.

Next, continue on a concrete road and after 150 m turn left onto an asphalt road that will take you to a crossroads with a main road. Then, turn right to Libošovice. Follow the blue marked trail from the railway crossing.

When in Libošovice, you can have lunch in the DO+NI guest house (for information on accessibility, go to the relevant page) or in the Český ráj Hotel with two 5 cm high steps leading up to the door. The door is 70 cm wide and opens inwards. The toilet door is 70 cm wide and also opens inward; the partition door is 60 cm wide (outward opening). There is 80 cm of clearance in front of the toilet and 30 cm on each side.

Then, continue along the red marked trail towards the Prokopské údolí Valley, Kost. After 200 m, turn from the asphalt road onto a field path and take it for 1.5 km. When it rains, puddles and mud can occur on the path (photo No. 2). After that, continue on a sand-gravel path to Kost Castle, along the Bílý potok Brook. Wheelchair accessibility at the castle can be verified on the relevant page. Then continue on the yellow marked trail. You can get refreshments at Kost Castle in the U Draka wheelchair accessible castle restaurant or from a kiosk at the parking lot. Then walk along the kiosk below the castle and after approximately 200 m, turn left to Plakánek Valley.

Continue on the yellow marked trail; the surface is made of sand and gravel. After 600 m, you will cross a wooden footbridge and after another 40 m, you will see another narrow footbridge without a railing crossing over the river (photo No. 3) (60 cm wide, about 5 m long). Then continue on a sand-gravel path around Obora Pond to the dam where you will see a slab footbridge that is 20 cm tall (photo No. 4) and 80 cm wide. After the footbridge, turn right onto a coarse asphalt road and take it to the Plakánek fork. From there, continue on the yellow marked trail towards Sobotka.

After 200 m, you will pass the Roubenka well. After another 700 m, you will reach Střehom; then continue on the yellow marked trail until you get to the main road that will take you to Osek, where you will climb to a wooden belfry on a paved surface (a 200 m climb).

After that, take an asphalt road all the way to Sobotka where in 200 m after the town sign, you will find a garden restaurant. There is a 10 cm high stair to the restaurant; the door is 80 cm wide and opens inwards. The partition door is 60 cm wide and opens outward. There is 70 cm of clearance in front of the toilet and 20 cm on each side. Then you will pass the town centre and after that you will descend on a paved surface for 200 m and then go up (for 300 m) to the parking lot.



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